FPHW Challenge Exam / Self-Study Certification

  • August 10, 2016
  • Self Study

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Challenge Exam Fee: 175.00

Certification Overview:

The Self Study Challenge Exam option is for those seeking FPHW certification after studying on their own instead of attending a FPHW training.

Even if you have worked in the field of family planning for quite some time, we recommend you buy the newest"Fundamentals of Family Planning" manual to help you study. This manual provides the most up-to-date information on birth control methods, STDs, sexual expression, sexual concerns, male and female reproductive systems, puberty, informed consent, motivational interviewing and the most effective education and counseling methods.

Certification Exam Process:

  1. Pass the online exam with at least 80% score or higher.
  2. Pass the video presentation by uploading a video of you providing a birth control counseling presentation (no score; either pass or fail based on instructor/trainer review)   

A CFHC Certified Family Planning Health Worker has been assessed and is able to successfully do the following upon certification:

  • Provide effective patient-centered contraceptive counseling
  • Obtain informed consent from patients when they select a birth control method
  • Learn best practices for providing confidential health care services while complying with patient privacy and mandatory reporting laws
  • Provide patients with the most up-to-date information on available contraceptive methods, including evidence-based effectiveness rates
  • Use effective communication and counseling techniques to provide patient-centered health education to diverse patient populations

Family Planning Health Worker Certification is valid for three years.

Who should be certified as a Family Planning Health Worker?

The FPHW course and certification process is designed for health care staff in diverse health settings and others who provide contraceptive counseling or education to patients, clients or the general public.

  • Nurses, LVNs, RNs
  • Medical Assistants
  • Health Educators and Health Education Specialists
  • Sexuality or Peer Educators
  • Public Service Employees
  • Community Health or Outreach Workers
  • HIV/AIDS or STD Prevention or Testing Staff
  • Family Planning Outreach Workers or Counselors
  • Primary Care or Family Practice Health Center staff who provide contraceptive options counseling and education

Additional Information:

Cancellation Policy:
No refunds provided for non-completions.

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